Sirin Labs Solarin: the most secured and expensive smartphone in the world

Are you a businessman, a billionaire who has to travel all over the world for work while transporting confidential information? Then Sirin Labs has developed for you the most secured smartphone in the world that can protect your highly confidential documents: Sirin Labs Solarin. Even the greatest spies will desire to have one!

Safest Apps and technologies in the world

Sirin Labs has associated to the greatest experts to conceive Sirin Labs Solarin, and imagine highly secured apps without compromising the phone’s usability nor its design. No less than 2500 components were assembled to ensure a better connectivity and security ever integrated to a smartphone, and all over the world.

First, Sirin Labs Solarin is equipped with Zimperium, software that protects your data from any external threat and cyberattacks, allowing your phone to keep a totally private use. This software has never been integrated into any smartphone in the world. Then your phone is fully encrypted the same way that militaries protect their conversations. Thanks to a Secure Button on the handset, you can instantly encrypt your conversation and messages, and protect them from any inappropriate ear.

Then, if you travel regularly, Sirin Labs Solarin will be the ideal companion for you business trips all over the continents. Its high-performance connectivity ensures a high-performance connectivity wherever you are with a Wi-Fi connection three times superior to any other mobile phone. You can also benefit from a multi-gigabit connection and a cloud able to synchronize all your photos, documents and high-quality videos quickly. Finally, Qualcomm Quick Charge technology is able to recharge your smartphone extremely fast, even is the battery is already the most powerful in this category.

Unaltered design and accessories

As any other smartphone, Sirin Labs Solarin comes with advanced accessories starting with its 23.8 megapixels camera with autofocus laser and its four tone flash that complement the front flash located on the front camera. Concerning the 2K LED 5.5“ screen, it offer an incredible quality of colours, and the phone is also equipped with a high-quality audio system with three bass-boosted speakers, a little amplifier that can maximise volume but control distortion for pure and rich sounds.

Then concerning the design, Sirin Labs Solarin has been made with light and solid materials alike the metal matrix composite chassis also used in aerospace industry for its rigidity, but also like titanium panels chosen for their high resistance and a Corning Goriila Glass 4 that protects you screen in any circumstances. The back of the smartphone is in black leather but can be personalized with four colour combinations to suit all your tastes!

We only have to reveal the price of the most expensive smartphone in the world: no less than 17.000 dollars!

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