The Gold iPhone 5S, a precious technology

September the 10th 2013, while Apple could’ve just presented the new iPhone 5S in Black and white, the audience was surprised when discovering the gold version mounted in 24 carats of the company’s key product. No doubt the American firm must conquest some new customers.

A model characterized by its shortage

The iPhone 5S design is the same as the 5’s, the gold color is therefore an ultimate way to tell the world that you’ve got the latest model and make yourself the center of attention. In the 5th avenue’s apple store in New York, the luxury version is available in only 8 copies, sold in 30 minutes after launch. Apple has rushed to ask their suppliers to increase Gold iPhone’s production by 30%.

Phone or jewel?

This little technological jewel will be available in two colors: in yellow gold, priced at 5100 Euros and pink gold, priced at 4700 Euros; both equipped with 128 Gb flash memory.
The iPhone 5S has got a brand new operating system iOS7, a twin-led flash and a built-in sensitive finger print reader.

Undoubtedly, Apple extends the high-tech dream in between art and luxury.

bijoux or iPhone
Phone gold
Or iPhone 5S
coque or iPhone 5S
iPhone 5S luxe

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