Orpheus by Sennheiser: introduced as the best headphones in the world

Many years after the famous Orpheus release, Sennheiser offers the second generation of these legendary headphones. An incredible finishing and a sound that reminds the largest concert halls.

An incredible sound technology

The Orpheus by Sennheiser headphones, industry icon, is introducing themselves as the best headphones in the world. The electrostatic headphones and their amplifier reveal an advanced technology and an optimum result.

Orpheus by Sennheiser is by far the most powerful of its generation. It shows a restitution of the sound and amazing amplitude. So, even the tiniest sound became perceptible and each emotion emerges through the sublime notes.

It took a about ten years to the Sennheiser team to design this technological wonder and its new amplifier concept, true proof of innovation and perfection.

A simple and revolutionary design

The Orpheus by Sennheiser design reminds us of a marble sculpture. As soon as you push the on/off – volume button, the entire system is comes to life, the chromed control knobs extract from the case and the vacuum tubes illuminate.

The materials for the Orpheus by Sennheiser have been chosen with great care. Indeed each of them contributes to this amazing sound quality. Ceramic electrodes pulverised with gold and membranes pulverised with platinum are contributing to a precise sound close to the perfection. The frame is made with Carrare marble, which is ideal to protect the amplifier.

Simple and sophisticated, the Orpheus by Sennheiser’s design distinguishes itself with its sobriety and contents itself only with the essential.

Because perfection has a price, the Orpheus by Sennheiser will be sold at 50.000€.

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