Audiophiles should get ready to discover Utopia by Tournaire, world’s most expensive headphone

When a French brand like Focal, renowned in the whole world for its know-how concerning High-fidelity acoustical speakers, associates to Tournaire, an other French brand renowned for its piece of exception in jewellery, it results a unique piece: Utopia by Tournaire headphone.

More than headphone, a true jewel

Utopia by Tournaire has been introduced by Focal in June 2016 and its this ultra high-end piece that has been chosen as a starting point for Utopia by Tournaire.

Focal’s headphone already uses advanced technologies like the only large band speaker in the world that is entirely open on its back with a “M” dome entirely made in pure beryllium. It also has two pads made from lamb leather. Then, when Tournaire took this unique piece to create Utopia by Tournaire, it knew how to turn it into a true jewel.

A generous jewel

Utopia by Tournaire has been drawn and realised by Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire who managed to find their inspiration in their family concerning the new aesthetics. So the headphone is coated with gold 750 thousandths and 6 karats diamonds.

After an entire year of work, Tournaire manages to impose its mark on Utopia by Tournaire, adding its renowned symbol: the Trilogy that represents the past by the square, the present by the triangle and the future by the plenitude circle.

Moreover, Utopia by Tournaire can be delivered with a bronze support that represents a sculpted face, which is also hand-patinated.

If Utopia by Tournaire is now the most prestigious and expensive headphone set in the world (100.000 euros or 110.000 euros with the support), it is also full of generosity because some of the benefits will be revert to P’tit Louis association, that is fighting to save Louis Biscini’s life, a little 8 years boy suffering from spinal muscular atrophy.

Utopia by Tournaire will be limited to eight exclusive and numerated pieces.

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