Devialet Gold Phantom: the most powerful wireless speaker in the world comes from Paris!

Now the international leader for high-end amplifiers with the previous success of Phantom speaker in 2015, the French brand Devialet comes back with a more powerful and sophisticated version of its wireless speaker: the Devialet Gold Phantom.

The most powerful speaker in the world

Always searching for excellence, Devialet’s Parisian office has reunited all best acoustical, mechanical, electronics, computer and signal processing engineers to imagine and create the new Devialet Gold Phantom, pushing the limits of previous Phantom and revealing new patented inventions.

Devialet Gold Phantom speaker is also wireless and connected: plug and play, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect…and is proud to produce a sound without distortions, saturation and background noise. But this new version is incredibly more powerful than its grand sister, with 4500W of power and 108dB of sound impact. It is now 8 times more powerful than the previous Phantom.

The frequencies of Devialet Gold Phantom are the lowest ever emitted, and the high frequencies are like crystal, purer thanks to a new titanium Tweeter. A resolutely perfect sound you’ve never heard before, thanks to a new patented ADH processor. But the quality of the sound isn’t the only asset of this sublime speaker.

Sophisticated design

Discrete and really sophisticated, Devialet Gold Phantom speaker reveals a truly unique design, made with 22K rose Gold. Si it isn’t only powerful and deserves its name of best wireless speaker in the world!

Refined, extremely powerful and futurist, Devialet Gold Phantom speaker is priced at 2.590€, and you will surely be able to find it like the previous one in all bests Apple Store in the world, and on Devialet website!

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More informations on Devialet website

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