Elysium Pool Table: the future pool table has arrived and you won’t believe it!

If you thought that pool is an old-fashioned sport, IXO (Iconic Xtrem Object) will surely make you change your mind. Elysium Pool Table goes far beyond our imagination, mixing design, high technologies and elegance.

A pool table worthy of James Bond himself

Elysium Pool Table isn’t a simple gadget, but it reveals advanced technologies never seen on such objects until today. It took more than 1.000 hours to IXO craftsmen to result such a perfect concept, and for good reason!

Among its numerous innovations, IXO put in the Elysium Pool Table some lit marks on the table, for easy positioning of the triangle and the white ball. The pool table is entirely interactive and you can turn it on simply with a sensitive ON/OFF switch. The automatic ball selection system with optic sensor will help you find all the possibilities for your next move, while correcting your cue elevation: the higher the cue is, the more severe the degree of curve. A 13“ screen is available as an option, allowing you to control the entire table.

Another option is the Elysium Lamp that you can place above your Elysium Pool Table, with an integrated 4K camera that will record your every move. All these technologies will surely please all gadgets fans but also design lovers.

Entirely carbon-fibre handcrafted

Elysium Pool Table reveals a rare elegance and unequalled beauty thanks to the choice of its materials. Designed by carbon-fibre craftsmen, the table, the cue rack but also the triangle are made with carbon-fibre. They also used billet aluminium or aniline leather as in the drawers and pockets. Aramith Extra competition balls are provided with the table.

If the height doesn’t suits you, you can adjust the table legs yourself and the height of luxury, you can choose the colour you want for the Elysium Pool Table and its accessories: Black Carbon, Red Ruby, Sapphire Blue or even Old Cognac.

To impress all your friends and create sensation with your new high tech gadget, you will have to spend almost US$175,000, but it’s worth the money, isn’t it?

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Discover Elysium Pool Table

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