iXOOST Esavox Speaker: the first named Lamborghini speaker for automobile passionate

For sport cars lovers and high-end electronic devices passionate, there is no doubt that the sublime iXOOST Esavox Speaker will meet all their expectations. iXOOST visionaries in collaboration have built this absolutely stunning model with Automobili Lamborghini’s experts.

Connected to the car’s world

This speaker can be connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone and follows all iXOOST creations referring to the automobile world, but this one is the first to be named Lamborghini. Indeed, iXOOST Esavox Speaker reminds us with no condition the Italian brand’s vehicles, through its unique design, technological achievements and undeniable quality of sound.

Each Lamborghini boutique worldwide will soon offer the iXOOST Esavox Speaker to all amateurs. This one perfectly answers to the automobile brand’s philosophy: thrill both the user as well as these who look at it. “Style follows instinct”! That is why it took almost two years to conceive this wonder that perfectly mixes automobile passion, design and high-technology.

Let your interior roar!

So iXOOST Esavox Speaker was built as a Lamborghini exhaust system and with the same quality as the brand’s supercars: monocoque chassis in carbon fibre, polymerised in autoclave at 6 bar, and of course original exhaust system with a bass control system, chock absorber and adjustable ceramic support.

IXOOST experts have carefully assembled all of these components by hand and the iXOOST Esavox Speaker reminds us of actual supercars, as for example the front grill represented on the most recent models or the hexagonal form that Ferruccio Lamborghini truly appreciates and represents in all his vehicles.

Concerning the power? iXOOST Esavox Speaker is as powerful as a Lamborghini, the only difference is that the horse power is replaced by watts and the fact that the speaker can produce up to 800 watts. Concerning the price, the speaker cost 21.000 dollars but if you can afford a Lamborghini, that should not frighten you right?

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Discover the iXOOST EsaVox Speaker

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