Kharma has imagined the Holy Grail in the audio world: the Enigma Veyron System

Beyond imagination, this is Kharma’s promise. This promise has resulted today in the Enigma Veyron System, the ultimate audio experience.

Technology, experience and knowledge

The Enigma Veyron System is today the most powerful and performing loudspeaker in the world. It offers a new quality of sound, thanks to highly superior technologies. Among its improvements, there are the new-engineered Kharma drivers, new materials, and new internal cable technology and more. Add to this new band linear power amps, app controlled-subwoofers and massive power distributors.

Concerning the new technologies used to create the Enigma Veyron System, there is the Kharma Omega 7-F Drivers. F stands for zero-Foucault current, totally non-present in the system thanks to a smart clustering of magnets, a novelty in the audio world. Generally, Foucault current induces back distortion into the driver-coil and so in the original signal. There, the sound is absolutely perfect. The chassis and the cone are entirely built with the most stiff carbon fibre. This unique combination brings a higher resolution, faster transients and a richer spectrum of tonal variations from the music itself for a more natural and explosive sound.

The ultimate sound experience

Enigma Veyron System has remarkable dimensions. The loudspeakers cabinet are built from thick wood panels and the audio rack is designed with thick aluminium plates. Impressive but elegant, this speaker system represents a clever combination of design and extraordinary acoustical properties.

Enigma Veyron System consists out of front speakers, eight subwoofers, 1 DSP module, four mono power amplifiers, two power distribution modules and one rack. Components are a mix of gloss lacquer, Macassar, and the alloys are in gold / silver, diamonds and carbon fibre. The absolutely exquisite sound system is priced at 1.3 millions euros.

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