MacBook Pro Marble: The amazing computer with unique and revolutionary design

ColorWare is a company specialized in electronic devices customization. It already launched the Iphone 6S and Iphone 6S Retro that were huge successes. Now the brand comes back with a MacBook Pro Retina Marble.

A refined product

All Apple fans will be more than thrilled observing this MacBook Pro Marble that was specially designed by ColorWare. In addition to offer all technological qualities that the American brand has to offer, this MacBook Pro Retina Marble and its 15” screen is the result of an intensive process.

Indeed, the MacBook Pro Marble was disassembled, cleaned, masked, painted and inspected before being buffed and reassembled. It will be deliver into the original packaging but it completely distinguishes itself from all other computer you’ve already seen on the market thanks to its extraordinary marbled appearance.

An outstanding look

MacBook Pro Marble limited edition is like no other and contrasts with the banality of Apple standard colours. Totally handcrafted, this computer doesn’t just look like marble, but it feels marble too.

The dark bluish marbling pattern associated with the pale grey surface give it the look of a true piece of art. This MacBook Pro Marble could totally be exposed in a museum! On top of that, ColorWare placed a 24K gold Apple logo at the center of the computer. Like ancient Roman sculptures the MacBook Pro Marble goes far beyond the limits of the art and technology with splendour and elegance.

The MacBook Pro Marble will be limited at only 10 copies and you will have to spend $7.500 to own such an artwork.

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Discover the MacBook Pro Marble

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