Mobiado reveals a unique smartphone made with 24K gold, tribute to the Russian Empire

For all who love to stand out and who never do things like the others, you should really appreciate new Mobiado smartphone. Indeed, the limited series of Professional 3 GCB Great Empire is like no other, and has the advantage of being built with 24 karats gold.

Little history of Russian Empire

What makes Professional 3 GCB Great Empire smartphone so unique is its design that has no equivalent, except for the other phones from Mobiado Professional 3 GCB series; True artwork, it has a CNC machine engraved with Russian eagle, the coat of arms of the Russian Federation.

For the historical side, the coat of arms on Professional 3 GCB Great Empire was abolished in 1917 during Russian Revolution, before being rehabilitated in 1993. So it is a derivate of the original coat of arms, where Russian Eagle finds its origins, dated from Byzantine Empire, long before the creation of Russian State. Then, the golden ball and the sceptre represent the power of the Russian Orthodox Church and the almighty tsar.

And yet regarding to its technologies, Professional 3 GCB Great Empire is far from being an antique!

Modern technologies and artwork

Professional 3 GCB Great Empire mobile is a true precision wonder through its extremely precise engraving with glass-bead blasted and plated with 24K gold frame. A true artwork with sapphire inserts on the smartphone gold body, with gold painted sapphire buttons and even gold painted screws.

All these sumptuous details explain why this series is limited to only 99 phones.

Then Professional 3 GCB Great Empire owns all modern technologies and works in all countries, with every GSM network operator worldwilde because it has been unlocked. It can welcome two SIM quad-band GSM and the main SIM has a dual band 3G coverage WCDMA.

Moreover, Professional 3 GCB Great Empire is equipped with a 2.4“ QVGA display, expandable microSD memory, camera and video, Internet browser, Bluetooth and even an email support and a music player.

In short, Professional 3 GCB Great Empire is the perfect compromise to impress your entourage, to teach them a little bit of history and to own a mobile that has nothing to envy to other brands!

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Discover Mobiado Professional 3 GCB Great Empire

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