The new VERTU Ti Ferrari, Let the sense of detail carry you away

Inspired by the Ferrari F12Berlinetta, this mobile device made of majestic curves redraws meticulously the Italian manufacturer car’s character: a sense of precision carried to the extreme, a breathing-luxury design, offering well-kept finishes.

The two trademarks have been working together for the last 6 years, to proudly present to their customers a unique jewel with an elegant and ultra-modern design.

The Vertu Ti’s cushion is a carefully executed-replica of the F12Berlinetta’s aerodynamic lines, conceived with a light composite textile named ‘Altutex’, used in Ferrari cockpits and aesthetically matched with the black and red leather, a specialty of the prancing horse brand.

This handset is equipped of a cutting edge technology, but also has the specificity of being covered in the very same black and red leather of Ferrari’s comfy seats. Entirely hand-stitched, this dressing is made to resist to impacts and shocks that a handheld can undergo.

Ferrari wanted to leave its prestigious mark on the device’s back. You’ll find a sober reproduction of the F12Berlinetta’s aspects, none of the details were forgotten. To ensure the Vertu Ti’s highest protection, the handheld was plated with Diamond-like Carbon (DLC), used on Ferrari’s monster cars to reduce extreme frictions of the transmitting system.

Ultimately, this luxury mobile device runs on Android Operating System, it’s got a 3.7-inch screen based on resistant sapphire crystal. Speaking of technology, exclusive apps were made to cultivate the Ferrari spirit within the new VERTU Ti, it feels like holding a supercar in your hands.

Vertu Ti Ferrari arrière Vertu Ti Ferrari noir et rouge Vertu Ti Ferrari avant Vertu Ti Ferrari Téléphone Vertu Ti Ferrari Vertu Ti Ferrari

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