Ripsaw EV2 Tank: Don’t ever get unnoticed driving your own luxury tank

Bored with sport cars, yacht and private jets? Wanting to impress everybody and hit the road once and for all? It seems that Howe twins have prepared something big for you: the first private luxury tank.

Something you’ve never seen before

You may know Howe brothers from their show on Discovery Channel called “Black Ops Brothers” where they reveal some of their extraordinary vehicles. This time, they’ve decided to rebuilt a high-speed tank, The Ripsaw EV2 Tank, originally built for military and to customise it depending on customers need, for their private use only.

Capability, speed and luxury could be enough to describe Ripsaw EV2 Tank. Exclusively developed for public and off road recreation, it takes almost 6 months to manufacture one of this limited series’ amazing machine. Depending on desired packages, you have to spend a minimum of 265 thousands or more to buy one.

With its menacing look and absolutely stunning roar, Ripsaw EV2 Tank is the fastest luxury tank. Being so fast, easily drivable with a closed-cabin, nothing would resist to the vehicle, even a snowy or sandy road.

Let the beast roar

But what is truly hiding under Ripsaw EV2 Tank’s aerospatial-aluminium “hull”? This two-seats model that is named “Extreme Vehicle 2” has a 600 hp 6.6L Duramax diesel engine coupled to an Allison automatic transmission and could achieve a top-speed of 60mph. With such a capacity you will never panic, because you can drive a 300-mile range before refill.

Ripsaw EV2 Tank is so impressive because it has a reduced weight and is equivalent in size to a fullsize truck. So it can easily climb 75% coastline without any problem. Moreover, it ensures amazing stability in cornering, like any sport car.

But what happens one inside a Ripsaw EV2 Tank? Then you’ll enter a cockpit that has nothing to envy to trucks and SUV and offers the same degree of comfort: leather seats, LCD screen connected to the rear camera (could be very useful without rear window), heat, Air Conditioning and even an audio system!

If you’re not used to this type of vehicle their again don’t panic, steering is entirely accomplished electronically and at night a LED lighting will guide your wheels. But with a Ripsaw EV2 Tank you could be sure that other drivers will see you coming!

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