Sony Z9 BRAVIA 4K HDR TV: open the gate to the world comfortable in your sofa

Since many years yet Sony has innovated with its amazing screen equipped with 4K technology. If you think you’ve seen everything, the brand teach you that everything is still possible to go further thanks to its new Z9 BRAVIA 4K HDR TV series. A new screen capable of reproducing faithfully images from the real world.

World like you’ve never seen before

Ultimate 4K technology, unfailing realism and amazing purity of sound, these are Z9 BRAVIA 4K HDR TV promises. The screen blows you away with its realistic images, its colours and perfect contrasts.

Z9 BRAVIA 4K HDR TV is equipped with a new 4K processor, the 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme. But what does it mean? Well in short, it brings more contrast and depth in colours for a perfect visual experience with more texture and realism.

Z9 BRAVIA 4K HDR TV can bring 40% more real-time image and also owns three new technologies that reach a new level in 4K reality. The TV analyses each image and corrects automatically each object’s contrast and colour in the scene, what brings a new dimension to objects.

Z9 BRAVIA 4K HDR TV doesn’t just bring realism to the images, but it also has a noise reduction system that reduces undesirable parasite sounds. Then it processes smoother and natural pictures. Finally, thanks to 64 new colour levels, faces, sunlight and colour graduations have never been so sublte.

Design in the service of image

In addition to its technologies, Z9 BRAVIA 4K HDR TV has a unique design with a BackLight Master Drive Technology LED system that improves even more brightness and contrasts to reach 4K full potential. Then black are deeper and lights brighter.

Then Z9 BRAVIA 4K HDR TV design allows us to enter a new dimension. Extremely plate, the front of the screen circled with black represent undisputable sophistication that immerse completely the spectator, as the back of the screen hides all cables so the TV is still elegant from any angle.

Finally Z9 BRAVIA 4K HDR TV is equipped with Android TV navigation system with tv broadcasting, USB port, HDMI port and internet browser, but also improved navigation and vocal seach. You can also easily transfer your content from your phone to the TV with Google Cast and access Google Play apps. Add to this new genre filtering function that chooses for you sport programs, music, info, movies etc…

Z9 BRAVIA 4K HDR TV will be available in three different dimensions: 65”, 75“ or 100“ and should cost around 70.000€.

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