SEABOB : the fastest underwater watercraft ever

Made for swimming, the SEABOB is a motorized device which drags you in and underwater at high speeds. With its two controlgrips and its cutting-edge electric engine, you just need to grab this high-tech board as it will help you move freely in the sea.

A technological marvel

Many high-quality components make up the SEABOB : carbon, ceramic coating and antioxydant metals. This premium toy is equipped with an electric and ecofriendly propulsion system : the E-Jet Power System.

Thanks to its up-to-date rotor, this device sucks and releases water at high pressure. Thus, its thrust power is high, it has an exceptional torque and also a very low energy consumption.

Right in the field of vision of the user, the SEABOB’s cockpit shows in real-time some key datas : the charge level of the battery, how deep you are, water temperature, or even the selected power.

Two controlgrips and four pièzo-technology sensors control the speed and trajectory of the SEABOB. To accelerate, press the green button, to slow down, the red. To customize how the SEABOB is driven, press the white or the green ones.

Three different models

The SEABOB exists in three different models which vary in speed, power and weight :

With 29 kg, the standard SEABOB F5 has four levels of power and delivers 480 newtons of driving force (14 km/h in water, 13 km/h underwater).

The SEABOB F5 S is 34 kg, has a power of 680 newton. It has 6 levels of power (20 km/h in water, 18 km/h underwater).

With 745 newtons, the SEABOB F5 SR is the most powerful of its line. It dashes at 22 km/h in water and 20 km/h underwater.

If its buyer wants, his copy of the SEABOB can be equipped with cameras or even a chrome and black package. Meanwhile, the SEABOB is available in four different colours: the Basic Yellow, the Star White, the Lumex Yellow and the Anthracite Lumex Orange.

Be ready to spend between 7 845 € and 14 565 € to buy this unique gadget.

Buy a SEABOB right now on CAYAGO’s website

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