Bulgari Hotels & Resorts: Lovely Bali in a Comfort Bubble

Bali is one of the world’s most exceptional and most attractive destinations. Exotic and idyllic, this island receives tourists from all over the world whilst managing to preserve all its authenticity.

Bulgari needed to establish a hotel as cheerful as the island. In order to overcome the crazy challenge of setting up a luxury hotel in the ambient landscapes, it was built in line with the local techniques.

The hotel itself sits on a cliff and rises from 150 meters above the Indian Ocean, featuring an outstanding view. The Bulgari Hotels & Resorts in Bali is similar to a medieval citadel and offers guests an access to a garden, a pool and an outdoor living-room of 300 square meters.

59 villas are proposed to the hotel guests, among which the Bulgari Villa consisting in a 1,300 square meters unit with 2 bedrooms, a living room with bar, a dining room, a projection room as well as a 20-meter pool. Each villa features a view over the ocean, a pool and is decorated with Balinese antique pieces of art.

bulgari-hotel-bali (1)Bulgari Hotel BaliBulgari Hotel Balibulgari-hotel-bali (4)Bulgari Hotel BaliBulgari Hotel Balibulgari-hotel-bali (8)bulgari-hotel-bali (9)Bulgari Hotel Bali

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