Casa Rancho Mirage: your private 5 stars resort is waiting for you in Palm Springs, California

This is not the first time that we introduce amazing estate, but Casa Rancho Mirage is even more incredible, many times compared to a 5 stars resort. Located in Colorado desert and facing Santa Rosa mountains, this stunning house is waiting for its lucky owner.

Do you have ten million dollars?

Yes it’s true, Casa Rancho Mirage that is exactly located at 1 St Petersburg Ct, Rancho Mirage, California, was listed at precisely 9.995.000 dollars. Baseball player Coco Crisp bought the house in 2013 for 7 million dollars, but the man has added to the house his own dreams, such as an incredible private baseball court what added several million dollars to its original value.

And it is not the only amazing characteristic of Casa Rancho Mirage. Indeed, this estate is a true paradise on earth with its 5 acres field, with a giant pool, private lake with canoes, tennis court, 7-cars garage and motor court added to a Victorian garden. In a few words: this is THE dreamed house for pleasure and entertainment with friends. Always in the garden, you will certainly enjoy the big barbecue place, the charming gazebo and all of that in front of a breathtaking décor, ideal to respect your privacy.

And your friends will be even more impressed when they’ll push the impressive iron and glass doors.

Grand spaces and conviviality

The terms “Grand Spaces” have never been more appropriated with Casa Rancho Mirage. Indeed, each room was built for entertaining and to please your guests that could easily be a hundred standing in the Main Room.

Casa Rancho Mirage represents more than 17.870 sq.ft and is composed of 7 rooms, including two of them in the guesthouse with two of the nine bedrooms. Beside its impressive marble floors and Mediterranean style décor, the house is also equipped with high-end furniture and state-of-the art technologies. As for the conviviality, you will find a fully equipped gourmet kitchen, with a breakfast area and a spacious centre island.

Concerning the other rooms in Casa Rancho Mirage, you will surely be tempted to rest near from one of the five remarkable fireplaces, or to watch a movie in the Ventian Theatre, read a book in your library, play in your playroom or even sweat at the gym and then rest in the sauna or at the spa. Meanwhile, your guest could have fun at the bar or taste the finest wines in your wine cellar! Moreover, so many spaces to visit in such a huge house required integrating a private elevator to ease your every move!

So it is easy to understand that heaven on earth is precisely located in California and it only waits for you or any other rich buyer to come to life again!

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