Como Shambhala Estate, a piece of heaven

The Como Shambhala Estate is a high-end and ultra modern residential center, which is perfectly suitable to recharge one’s battery meanwhile by the holistic approach benefits.
In the very heart of the Indonesian jungle, in Begawan, nearby Bali, this high-range concept has merged underneath the tropical vegetation infinite shadow.

Lost paradise

The Como Shambhala Estate is a set of 30 rooms, of which:

  • 5 private residences (containing 4 or 5 suites and a big pool) built with local materials.
  • 4 private independent villas holding 2 or 3 rooms as well as a private pool. Built with a more modern style and a better design than the residences.
  • Finaly, 5 retreat villas are at your disposal if you are willing to combine journey with treatment, you’ll find a therapy room and a private pool. And to make the magic happen, the terrace is overlooking the incredible forest.

Imagined by the interior designer Kiochiro Ikebuchi, these villas offer a unique quality, completed by an exceptional service: each room includes a personal assistant, in order to guide hosts all day long. Away from commotion and the city’s unbearable stress, joining the Como Shambhala Estate is making an appointment with wild nature where silence is a king, and where the body and soul quell in harmony within nature.

An ideal spot for welfare

It’s by the holistic care that Como Shambhala Estate states escape and regeneration. Some activities focused on the inner-peace are taught, such as: Tai’Chi, the Oigong or martial arts.
Collaborating with experts, a team of consultant specialists and therapists urge to fulfill your body and spirit needs, offering at the mean time over twenty treatments based on holistic therapeutic techniques and eight specialties among the ayurveda, pilates, yoga or reflexology.
Opening the Como Shambhala Estate’s door is walking through an extraordinary universe, quite a heavenly oasis in the middle of the jungle.

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