Four Season Bora Bora: A stunning and marvellous Polynesian getaway

Bora Bora is a dreamed destination for a lot of people: Polynesian charm, white sand beaches and Pacific Ocean. It is precisely in this even on earth that the Four Season Bora Bora offers you a fabulous stay.

The Four Season Bora Bora’s suites and villas

At the Four Season Bora Bora you could put down your suitcases in the different villas and suites, all so wonderful one after the other.

The smallest Four Season Bora Bora’s suite includes 100 sq.m but offers you a breath-taking view of the Mount Otemanu and the lagoon. All suites are decorated with Polynesian artwork.

Most of the suites owns their own private access to a plunge pool or the pristine lagoon. There are traditional wooden furnishings in all suites and a panoramic view beyond the natural surroundings. The largest suite is a bungalow suite that includes 160 sq.m that welcomes 6 adults, or your entire family.

In the Four Season Bora Bora‘s villas, the light naturally fills the rooms and the large spaces that includes from 200 sq.m to 300 sq.m. Perfect for families and groups they are located on white sand beach and surrounded by tropical vegetation. You could at least find 3 bedrooms and 4 private bathrooms as a private plunge pool. Each villa owns a garden with coconuts, surrounded by Tahitian flora and hammocks to let you enjoy a peaceful and exotic stay.

To appreciate all that the Four Season Bora Bora has to offer, a complete program is made that allow you to enjoy all the Hotel’s services and activities with your family.

An ideal program

Spa, Fitness centre, lagoon, activities and restaurants, nothing is missing at the Four Season Bora Bora to become the ideal destination for your next vacancies. So, to let you fully savour your stay, here is the dreamed program that it is offer to you.

Let’s begin with a day of relaxation after a breakfast in your villa. Then go snorkelling in the lagoon to discover the local fauna and flora. Take your family to a dee-sea fishing excursion and enjoy a moment on the Faré Hoa Beach. Come back to the Four Season Bora Bora for a massage at the Spa overhanging the lagoon while you kids enjoy themselves at the Kids For All Seasons, a special program for their entertainment (Beach games, marine life demonstrations, Tahitian arts…). Finally, have a diner on the beach and enjoy the sunset above the Mount Otemanu while looking at a traditional fire dance.

At day 2, begin with a yoga session at the Spa before exploring the Marae temples on a 4×4 Jeep adventure tour, then swim with the giant turtles at the Lagoonarium, French Polynesia’s largest aquarium. The adventurers can enjoy a sport time with Kitesurfing, jet skiing or parasailing. Come back to the Four Season Bora Bora and learn how to tie a pareo and crate tiare-flower lei. At night after diner, you can admire the stars and the immaculate Polynesian sky with a telescope.

Finally on your third day awaken your explorer soul and enjoy all that the Four Season Bora Bora has to offer. Have a typical Polynesian breakfast, and then take your family for a swim in the lagoon for a canoe class. Let’s go to a once-in-a-life-time dive excursion, where you can swim with the giant manta rays. At the afternoon, go for Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu on a family helicopter tour! Finish your day with a cocktail and a typical live music.

If you follow this fantastical program then the Four Season Bora Bora will let you unforgettable souvenir with no doubts for you and your family. There everything is made for you, your loved one and your children to let everyone enjoy a marvellous stay.

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