Four Seasons Orlando: Discover a magic destination for little and grand children

If you have ever dreamed of a peaceful, luxurious and pleasant place, Four Seasons Orlando is the destination where you should go! Awarded for its unparalleled charm and high standard of services, this unique hotel is located into the heart of Walt Disney World and is a dreamed place for all the family.

Magical and luxurious hotel

Being located into an amusement park and offering first choice luxury environment is possible. Surrounded by nature, lakes and water spaces, Four Seasons Orlando is inspired by Florida’s typical Hispanic architecture.

In this giant resort you can find 443 rooms and 68 spacious suites, both warmth and luminous, facing the different parks and their fireworks. Is all the rooms are truly charming, it is nothing compares to the huge Presidential and Royal Suites, located at 16th floor.

Only the locators have access to theses suites with the elevator and the private key. The Presidential Suite at Four Seasons Orlando has a luminous bedroom, a living room and you can add to the suite four more guest rooms, added to the 225 sq-m suite. Of course, a concierge service is dedicated to your stay all along. Inside the suite, you can find state-of-the-art technologies such as a screen and a projector, an office and huge living spaces. Outdoor, there is a 74-sq.m terrace that can accommodate up to 8 guests.

The Royal Suite at Four Seasons Orlando has also access to 9 complementary guest rooms (93 sq.m) and is equipped with a lovely kitchen and incredibly spacious living areas. It represents 306 sq.m and a 92sq.m-terrace.

Then if you wish to taste different kitchens you can find at Four Seasons Orlando six different restaurants, grouped by themes with different origins such as an Italian restaurant, a sea-food & tapas specialist, Cuban cuisine or Spanish-style steakhouse. All of this will be perfect for exhausted guests who had a long and entertaining day.

The funniest hotel in the world

Four Seasons Orlando is exceptional because it is located into the heart of Disney’s theme parks, but not exclusively. For grand childs, there is also a huge golf court surrounded by Florida’s typical flora, and a 1000sq.m-spa that pampers the adults.

Then for grand and little childs, many attractions are waiting at Four Seasons Orlando, at Walt Disney World theme park and its magic universe, but also Walt Disney’s Studio where movie magic comes to life. Add to this the Epcot Park that celebrates the Future World and culture and cuisine from 11 countries. For water sports lovers, you can go and play at Disney’s Typhoon Water Park and swim with sharks, discover the coral reef and plunge down rapids. Then to discover the fauna, let’s go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, world’s largest animal park with 1700 animals from 250 different species. And then again find more surprises at Four Seasons Orlando where you can also discover the ski resort at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, before resting on white sand beaches.

Four Seasons Orlando is truly a dreamed destination for all nature lovers who also love animals and water spaces, both relaxing and thrilling!

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Discover Four Seasons Orlando

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