The Crosby Street Hotel, for incredible things lovers

Tim and Kit Kemp, the Londoner business hotel’s favorites have crossed the Atlantic to conquer Uncle Sam’s Land. The Crosby Street Hotel is their first American Masterpiece. The Well-known group, Firmdale, has created this building of 11 floors on the surface of an old parking area in New York, in the very heart of Soho, one of Manhattan’s most select areas.

An original & smart interior

Faithful to previous gems, the hotel’s master word is comfort. Its 86 suites were conceived individually and are all equipped of a flat screen TV, of a DVD/CD player, an iPod dock station, Wifi and luxury bathing products totally custom-made.

The rooms are bright in a warm decoration. Last floor’s suites are made of an extra affluence which a magnetic view on the Soho and its sumptuous galleries.

The ground floor carries a garden, a gym, as well as different event spaces and a private projection room. Meticulously chosen by the owners themselves, artworks are hung on walls in different spots.

A pleasant place

The Crosby Street Hotel has got the benefit of being neither too big nor too Bling Bling, certainly the British side that stands out. Failing that spending the night at it, taking  part inside the restaurant is imperative. The atmosphere is always animated, and the food is succulent.

A journey in a magnificent place holds an intense pleasure, along with the rush to return for some more fascinating moments.

The Crosby Street hotel, who has seen a lot of celebrities (Daniel Craig, Penelope Cruz, Lindsay Lohan…) gathers all these ingredients, allowing the Firmdale Group to reproduce the same success the London hotels have already known.

salle cine hotel
interieur cosy luxecrosby street hotel luxe
crosby street chambre
hotel cosy luxe
crosby street hotel luxe
chambre hotel
exterieur crosby street hotel

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