The Hotel Sezz in Paris : Design & Technology

In 2005, the hotel Sezz has opened in Paris where the combination of contemporary design and modern technology enable a new concept of the highly personalised service. In close collaboration with Christophe Pillet, Shahé Kalaidjian, the hotel’s director, has created a venue that bears the stamp of authenticity. Noble and natural material, specially designed furniture combined with contrasting tones exudes cosmopolitan and Zen-like atmosphere. With free wifi access, flat screens, CD-DVD players, guests are surrounded by unimposing technology.

An unconventional place

The Hotel Sezz Paris is located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, right near the Pont de Bir-Hakeim bridge, on the right bank of the Seine, near the Maison de la Radio, the Village of Passy, the Trocodero and the Eiffel Tower. The 16th is a calm and privileged arrondissement, both protected from the hustle and bustle of the capital and very near the main Paris attractions.

The concierge-less lobby is the first view of this unconventional space that is the Hotel Sezz Paris. Two salons flank the entrance, done in muted shades of red and brown that set off the khaki-grey stone from the town of Cascais in Portugal that appears throughout the hotel. Around the back, you find the Grande Dame bar, named for Veuve Clicquot´s most prized champagne cuvée. The bar is a partnership with Veuve Clicquot—the first time the renowned champagne maker has allowed its name to be used by an outsider. In the bar area, Pillet has designed a pair striking seating nooks that let you slip away from the public gaze, if that’s what you want. Downstairs is where you find the hammam, Jacuzzi and massage room, although if you want a massage upstairs, that’s just fine too.

The upper seven floors of the hotel contain the hotel’s 27 rooms, of which seven are full suites and seven junior suites. The 27 rooms and suites of the Hotel Sezz Paris offer a subtlety that turns the stone from brutality to refinement. To some extent, shells within which furniture has been set out. Three elements that attract your attention: the position of the bed, the bathroom and the attention to detail.

Prices range from 250 euros to 600 euros. All rooms have flat-screen TVs, and of course there’s WiFi standard. Free. What, you should pay for internet access, like in many other luxury hotels? An absurd idea, if you ask Kalaidjian. Each room is equipped with a CD/DVD player and Fujitsu-Siemens flat-screen TV. CDs and movies are available free on request. Once again, do you really want your four-star hotel nickel-and-diming you by making you pay to watch a film? Probably not. It all fits together, the place, the style and the refusal to fall back on the old formulas of hotel management.

« The idea is to surprise people—to supply the ‘wow factor’ that elevates the hotel experience to another level, » says Kalaidjian. « I want the Sezz to feel as if you’re going to a friend’s house where you’re pleasantly surprised by the level of decor and the comfort. You never knew your friend’s taste was quite this good. » Maybe your friend’s taste isn’t that good, but luckily for you, Shahé Kalaidjian’s is.

Spa Sezz by Payot

The Hotel Sezz Paris is delighted to offer its clientele a well-being space comprising a jacuzzi, steam room and massage room. Come in the new spa Payot to discover a place that is totally dedicated to relaxation and well-being.

After few moment spent in the Jacuzzi, discover an atmosphere that underlines the serenity and the peacefulness of the place. Let yourself be guided by the smell of precious oils used during a massage or even by the benefits of a facial treatment signed Payot. Real cosmetic reference, for more than 50 years, Payot knows how to offer the best of beauty : products combining innovation to results, in others words Payot offers body and face treatments to everyone’s delight !

At the Hotel Sezz Paris, grey stone from Cascais is omnipresent in the walls and accompanies you into the depths of the hotel.  It’s even there in the basement where you access the well-being space, a place of pleasure and dilection. With the door to the Spa barely ajar, clients are plunged into a stone cocoon with a single desire: to relax and unwind.

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