A genuine Aviation original : The Cessna Citation X

The Citation X is Cessna’s flagship business jet and one of business aviation’s most successful and respected aircraft. This midsize business jet projects a sense of independence and entrepreneurial spirit. Powerful, but restrained. Impressive, but never excessive. Envied, but unable to be copied. As only a Citation X can be.

Put Time on your side

Every year, every week, the pace of business quickens and the demands on your time grow more and more pressing. The Citation X is how you push back. It may not defy the laws of space-time, but it does let you flirt with the legal limits.

Simply put, no other business jet can match the combination of range, speed, and economy offered by the Citation X. That the Citation X is built for speed is evident at a glance. The aggressively swept, supercritical wing, low-drag airframe, and muscular engines result in an award-winning design that significantly reduces travel time (up to 45 minutes on a typical 2,000 nm mission).

Twin, FADEC-equipped Rolls-Royce/Allison AE3007C1 engines, which have the same rugged core as the engines on a number of commercial airliners, are models of efficiency that allow you to fly faster than other business jets for the same fuel burn.

The entire Citation family has a reputation for excellent short-field performance, and the Citation X is no exception. While its wing is optimized for high-speed cruise, leading edge slats and Fowler flaps ensure low approach speeds and enhanced takeoff and landing performance.

Each day, Citation Xs spend more time in the air than any other model in the Citation fleet. That fact is made even more remarkable when one considers the Citation X’s blazingly fast speed. Point to point, the Citation X devours the distance between New York and Los Angeles in about four hours, and it does so while consuming surprisingly little fuel. In fact, even at high-speed cruise settings, you’ll find the fuel burn of the Citation X is comparable to that of slower aircraft with smaller cabins. And with a top speed of 972 km/hr, you can count on completing your itinerary far sooner.

Pilots deserve upgrades too!

The Citation X has always been more racehorse than showhorse. And the Citation X’s intuitive flight deck proves that the world’s fastest business jet is a true pilot’s airplane. The ergonomic seats were designed for comfort on transcontinental missions. Essential flight controls and flight information are all within easy reach. Systems are at once technologically advanced and simple to operate, built around a proven, integrated avionics suite designed to improve situational awareness and reduce pilot workload in flight.

Starting with 2011 models, the Citation X will be delivered with Honeywell’s new Primus Elite™ avionics suite as standard equipment. Based on the Citation X’s existing Primus 2000 platform, the Primus Elite package replaces the five CRT displays with high-resolution LCD screens that provide a new level of graphics capability and reliability. The new system architecture enables the display of Jeppesen electronic approach charts, XM graphical weather in the continental United States, video input display capability, and more, accessed via a new cursor control panel and pull-down menus on the MFDs. Designed with tomorrow in mind, the architecture is envisioned to accommodate such future options as synthetic vision, advanced moving map capability, and ADS-B applications.

Impressive Design

Stepping into a Citation X cabin can be a breathtaking experience for even the most seasoned business jet traveler. When configured for eight passengers with double-club seating, the cabin can easily be mistaken for that of a larger aircraft. That sense of spaciousness is due in part to the Citation X’s dropped-wing design and extensive wing fairing, which allows components to be installed outside the pressure vessel. This translates into a continuous dropped aisle as well as more space in the cabin that Cessna’s interior design team can devote to passenger comfort and amenities.

A wide variety of interior configurations may be specified, including seating options for up to ten passengers, or a fully outfitted office in the sky. The Citation X’s large, impressive galley provides necessary refreshment en route. A new cabin management system features touch-screen control of environmental and entertainment components, such as Blu-ray high-definition digital video, an improved sound system, and .mp3 player input capability. Dual-zone temperature control lets pilots and passengers alike enjoy custom comfort settings.

World-Class support for world–class aircraft

When you enter the world of Citation ownership, you gain more than an aircraft. You become part of a distinguished group of operators who enjoy the highest-rated service program in aviation. More than 40 Cessna-owned Citation Service Centers and Authorized Service Facilities that specialize in Citation aircraft can be found across the globe, with most locations operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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