Citation Latitude Jet: perfect balance between comfort and performance

It was on May 2015 that the Citation Latitude Jet flew its first demonstrating flight above the Atlantic Ocean in only 5 hours with notable fuel efficiency. Indeed, the jet is able to reduce operating costs, while increasing productivity and profitability for customers businesses.

Better performances

Today, the Citation Latitude Jet saw its performances significantly growing with a range of 2,850 nm at long-range cruise and 2,700 nm at high-speed cruise.

As well as improved its runway performances of 3,580 feet, that now allows its customers to benefit from increased maintenance intervals and reduced aircraft down times, resulting in up to 20% lower operating costs than competing aircrafts.

The Citation Latitude is also provided with a wide range of technological advancements as its new automated robotics, its monolithic machined structures and ergonomically friendly tooling stations.

All these improvements allow the travellers to enjoy more safety like, for example, its new auto-throttle which reduces pilot workload in critical phases of flight.

Besides offering the best operating costs of its category, the Citation Latitude is also one of the most spacious and comfortable in the midsized category.

Comfort and innovations

Thanks to the standard arrangement of its seats, the Citation Latitude Jet can welcome up to 9 passengers.

The cabin is one of the most spacious, open and refined of the midsized jets category. With a cabin height of 6 feet (1.83 meters), it offers a comfortable stand-up cabin to the travellers.

The Citation Latitude Jet also abounds with unique apparels and features like the electronically-operated cabin door ushering passengers into the widest fuselage of all the Citations.

Another example to make your flight more comfortable and pleasant is its Cessna’s Clairity system that provides connectivity and entertainment to all passengers through their personal electronic devices.

It is not only the travellers, but also all the members of the crew that will enjoy an optimal comfort thanks to a new cabin cooling system and new pressurization system, which provides a maximum operating altitude of 45,000 feet (13,716 meters).

Today, more than 6750 Citations have been delivered all around the world. They represent the largest fleet of business jets and have surpassed 31 million flight hours. As to the Citation Latitude, the initial deliveries begin in 2016.

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Everything you need to know about the Citation Latitude

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