UberJet : ride in style to Cannes

Uber, the on-demand transportation service available from your smartphone app, is once again revolutionizing the transportation world ! On the occasion of The Cannes Festival, Uber offers you the opportunity and the privilege to order a private jet to fly away to the red carpet.

Order your UberJET : ride in style to Cannes !

From May 14th to May 24th, La Croisette will be celebrating the annual  Cannes Film Festival bringing together the greatest artists of the silver screen from around the world.

While Uber is rapidly expanding its global presence since 2009, the company stretches once again its limits and offers you the possibility, from May 12th to May 18th, to arrive in style at Cannes with your own private jet. Indeed, Uber teamed up with Goodwill Private Jets to allow you to request an UberJET directly from your app to and from Cannes.

UberJet Goodwill Fly

How does it work ? Pop open the Uber app on your iPhone and select the UberJET option (iPhone/Android). Once you have completed your request, a black car will pick you up at home and drive you to your UberJET at the Bourget airport. Fly away to Cannes, where you will be picked up by a private driver that will carry you to your final destination.

The flight services for UberJET will be provided by Goodwill Private Jets and can carry up to 4 passengers. To have the privilege to fly with your UberJET, you will have to spend 6490€, including the black car transportation to and from your plane.

But honestly what could be more convenient that ordering your private jet directly from your smartphone ?


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