Embraer Executive Jets Delivers the Phenom 100E

Following the success in the executive aviation market, the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer announced an upgraded version of the Phenom 100 entry-level light jet last year.

Starting with the 300th example, Embraer‘s customers are beginning to take delivery of the new Phenom 100E since March.

Innovation and performance

The Phenom 100E is an entry-level jet with next generation technology.

Designed to be simple to fly for single-pilot operations, its class-leading Prodigy® Flight Deck 100 ensures that the jet outperforms and outclasses its rivals and delivers the ultimate definition of freedom.

The new Phenom 100E leads the way for performance. It flies just under 1,200 nm and takes off from runways as short as 3,125 ft (953 m). New multifunction spoilers on the wings enhance controllability and braking.

Considered as one of the fastest jets in its category, the Phenom 100E can fly up to 447 mph and offers a nonstop range up to 1,355 miles.

Comfort that takes you further

Not only does the Phenom 100E set new standards in its category, it brings a whole new definition of style, comfort, performance and reliability to the entry-level jet.

With a larger, more comfortable cabin and the largest baggage compartment in its class, you and your belongings will be able to get to wherever you need to in the world in unsurpassed comfort and style.

Indeed, the Embraer Phenom 100E offers seating for up to five in the cabin, up from a maximum of four in the previous version. New premium seats recline, swivel, and move forward and back and the 100E also boasts added storage features, expanded space for baggage and supplies in the lavatory.

To create a sense of space, lightness, and serenity, Embraer‘s engineers have carefully planned and placed every detail of the Phenom 100E’s interior to deliver an effortless symmetry, such as the oval cross section and the big windows.

To top it all, buyers now can choose from 11 color themes from BMW DesignworksUSA, including amber, crystal, emerald, and bronze.

Base price is $4.161 million, but options can quickly take the price past $4.4 million. To discover more jets, consult our aerospace category.

Embraer-Phenom-100E-1 Embraer-Phenom-100E-8 Embraer-Phenom-100E-7 Embraer-Phenom-100E-6 Embraer-Phenom-100E-5 Embraer-Phenom-100E-4 Embraer-Phenom-100E-2

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