The Cirrus Vision SF50 : Revolutionnary

Considered as a leader in general aviation, Cirrus proudly unveiled its new jet : the Vision SF50, the result of Cirrus‘ commitment to the future, creativity, and innovation – in short, a better way to fly.

Indeed, the Vision SF50 is a revolutionary personal jet designed to fill the significant gap between high-performance piston singles and light jets. Simple to fly and easy to own and operate.

A new class of aircraft

With the Vision SF50, Cirrus definitively created a new class of aircraft, unique to general aviation: an owner-pilot flown, single-engine, easy-to-fly, affordable, personal jet.

The Cirrus Vision SF50 is not a Very Light Jet (VLJ), it is in a class by itself: a Personal Jet, designed to fill a significant niche between the piston single and twin and the Very Light Jet (VLJ).

Sporting a V-tail design, Cirrus Vision is technologically advanced, yet engineered to be simple to fly – to allow owner-pilots more lifestyle pursuits than any other personal aircraft.

Moreover, Cirrus Vision has unsurpassed interior space. Easy boarding for five plus two passengers – two in the front, three in the middle with the center seat having the freedom to adjust forward or back enough to give three full-sized adults maximum comfort, and two stow-away seats in the last row.

The cabin layout is designed to maximize space in a sanctuary of luxury and safety.

As with all Cirrus aircraft, Cirrus Vision will come with all the hallmarks of Cirrus’ dedication to flight safety including state-of-the-art, advanced avionics and the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS ™) .

Powered by a single-engine and cruising below airline flight levels, Cirrus Vision will be lighter, quieter, and more efficient than any other personal aircraft.

With over 500 position holders, a current list price of $1.96 million and seating up to five adults and two smaller passengers in an expansive cabin, the Vision SF50 sets a new standard in luxury and flexibility for pilots and passengers.

First customer deliveries of the aircraft are currently planned for the fourth quarter of 2015. Get a glimpse inside of this cool new aircraft and its luxury SUV-like interior.

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