The civil Helicopter EC145 T2

Perfectly suited for the most demanding multi-purpose mission requirements, the EC145 T2, the newest 4-ton class twin engine, multi-purpose rotorcraft in the Airbus Helicopters product range, is the latest evolution of the EC145/BK117 family. This family of aircraft has seen more than 800 deliveries worldwide and has accumulated more than 3 million flight hours.

 Power and Technology

The EC145 T2 combines Airbus Helicopters’ breakthrough technologies, including an advanced cockpit design, modern avionics, 4-axis autopilot and a Fenestron® tail rotor, with the rugged and proven designs of the BK117 family, such as the main rotor system. Thanks to its outstanding roomy and versatile cabin, this aircraft can accommodate up to 12 seats and can be configured for either one or two pilots.

The EC145 T2 is equipped with two powerful and modern Turbomeca Arriel 2E engines, each controlled by a dual channel Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC), which, in combination with the aircraft’s lifting system, provide outstanding All Engine Operative (AEO) performances. The One Engine- Inoperative (OEI) performances of this new aircraft version have been significantly improved. The EC145 T2 is capable of Category A operations up to Class 1 and Class 2 performance, according to EASA OPS.

Highest Safety Standards in Flight and on the Ground

Building upon the high safety standards of the EC145, the EC145 T2 sets the limits even higher:

  • Fenestron: The Fenestron is a proven, Airbus Helicopters tail rotor innovation with an anti-torque-device and redundant hydraulics. It is the ideal solution for 360° approachability at all times and the highest protection for those on the ground. The Fenestron allows for increased operations in dense urban areas and confined spaces (helipad, forest), where foreign object damage is a high risk.
  • Most advanced Human Machine Interface with innovative Airbus Helicopters avionics suite – 4-axis autopilot allows pilots to concentrate fully on their mission – New unique displays and alerting system concept for high awareness in all situations.
  • Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC):  The Turbomeca Arriel 2E engine-model brings modernity, with a new dual-channel FADEC generation, to enhance safety and decrease the pilot’s workload.

High Availability and Cost-Effective Maintenance

The new gear box of the EC145 T2 is an evolution of the proven solutions offered by the EC145 and Bölkow System. Both the main gear box and aircraft components benefit from an increased time between scheduled maintenance overhauls, resulting in lower maintenance costs and the best solution to keep your aircraft in-service when you need it. The new Engine Data Recorder (EDR), along with an e-Logbook, provides an increased surveillance of system behavior allowing for further analysis in order to anticipate upcoming maintenance needs.

An Elegant Shape

With a refined interior and a pleasing exterior shape thanks to the Fenestron tail rotor, the EC145 T2 provides even the most demanding customers with solutions tailored to their specific needs. The cabin can seat up to 10 passengers comfortably and the seats can be reconfigured according to the customer needs.   Passengers can also adjust both the intensity and color of the cabin’s ambient lighting and choose from several kinds of wood to run on the floor and the ceiling.

One of the more memorable helicopter interiors of recent years was Eurocopter’s collaboration with the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studio, which transformed the cabin of the EC145 into a luxurious space. It signalled the aircraft manufacturer’s determination to attract the VIP segment of the market. Now that it has come out with the EC145 T2, a new version of the former aircraft, Eurocopter is as eager as ever to reach out to such clients.

The EC145 T2 currently is the most modern four-ton class, twin-engine, multipurpose helicopter in the Eurocopter line. The EC145 family already has flown three million hours worldwide and is priced at approximately $8.4 million. To discover even more outstanding aircrafts, do not forget to visit our aerospace category. 

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