Louis Vuitton’s Chain Attraction Collection

Louis Vuitton introduced its new collection Chain Attraction during the Paris Fashion Week in September and brilliantly celebrated the stone’s charm and the powerful women.

Louis Vuitton, a fine jewellery identity

Proudly located on Place Vendôme since last July, Hamdi Chatti, director of Louis Vuitton watches and jewellery, engineered the opening of a high jewellery atelier and an elegant boutique on the Place Vendôme in Paris.

Hamdi Chatti said that the brand needed to have its own high jewellery workshops and stone-buyers to be a true player. Thanks to its new location, the French brand, best-known for its luxury leather goods, has established and confirmed its identity as a serious high-end jeweller.

Chain Attraction, Jewels’ Power

By introducing its new Chain Attraction collection, Louis Vuitton wants to celebrate the chain and the stones’ power. From ancient times to now, a big chain has always been a symbol of success. Louis Vuitton’s haute joaillerie designer Lorenz Bäumer has taken the idea of the big chain and created several set of jewels with outstanding combinations of colors and stones, going from 70 000€ to 800 000€. The perfect fit for a contemporary and powerful woman.

Louis Vuitton‘s new collection reminds us just how evocative a series of links around the neck can be and brings a new dynamic to the great tradition of Parisian high jewellery. Unlike most jewellery of this value, which can be stiff and formal, these chains are highly wearable and move with the body. Hamdi Chatti puts it “they are jewels for strong women.”

By using different coloured stones and innovative geometric stone cuts, Louis Vuitton gives rhythm and balance to the jewels and to the chains. Rare stones are used in the 21 models of the Chain Attraction collection : a mandarin garnet, a neon-blue tourmaline, slices of morganite, an imperial topaz, green Tahitian pearls paired up with emeralds. Here, diamonds play second fiddle, highlighting the beauty of the coloured stones. The effect is highly original and captivating !

Metaphorical designs, intricate craftsmanship, exquisite stones : the Chain Attraction is such a stunning collection that it is really beyond words !

louis-vuitton-chain-attraction-1 louis-vuitton-chain-attraction-2 louis-vuitton-chain-attraction-3 louis-vuitton-chain-attraction-4 louis-vuitton-chain-attraction-5 louis-vuitton-chain-attraction-6 louis-vuitton-chain-attraction-7 louis-vuitton-chain-attraction-8

 Photos ©Florence Joubert/Louis Vuitton

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