Aero E-Racer: the cylinder that brings electric motorcycles to the next level

Definitely, electric vehicles take a growing part in the market, whether it is automobile one or two-wheels one. And when you look at Aero E-Racer, with its amazing performance and lavish style, you easily understand this new popularity.

Italian elegance

Aero E-Racer is born from collaboration between Aero Motorcycle and Italian magazine InMot, two beautiful and powerful cylinders experts. The machine has also benefited from other great names’ expertise such as Tacita, the designer of the first electric desert rally bike.

Then Aero E-Racer has been unveiled during last EICMA in Milan, an exceptional show for bike lovers who come each year from the whole world. It is based on a Tacita T-Race Diabolika bike, with the difference that its elements are highly stylized.

Aero E-Racer has aluminium, Kevlar and carbon fibre frame, and each detail like the leather saddle with diamond pattern is sublime. Contrasting stitches have also been inserted, as well as a front blue double LED light bringing the machine unparalleled style. But its aesthetic makeover is far from being the only asset of this electric bike.

Definitely different

Apart from its so sexy look, Aero E-Racer is provided with many advantages compared to usual electric cylinders. Lightweight, the bike is equipped with 5-speed transmission that achieves remarkable performances.

Aero E-Racer is a 70hp bike equipped with a three-phase electric engine, in addition to a 10.6 kWh battery. Then it can reach 160km in an urban environment without ever letting you fall. In case of low-battery, the bike can be charged within 35mn on public high-power stations, or 1h30 on 3 kWh domestic plugs.

Another asset is the fact that Aero E-Racer is water resistant and can be easily used on the richest owner’s yacht. It is also equipped with a front GoPro that allow you to record each ride as well as an Iphone app and dock station to control the most important tools.

Finally, Aero E-Racer is fully customisable, if only you find something to add to these stunning electric motorcycles that are priced at $38.000 each!

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