Ducati XDiavel: a sports motorbike and the pleasure of a true Cruiser

Ducati introduces the Ducati XDiavel, a motorbike designed as a Cruiser and made for long journeys that keeps the Italian Stallion’s style and sports performances.

Unparalleled Ducati Style

Ducati XDiavel owns all Cruiser qualities: perfect ergonomy, advanced technologies and remarkable performances. This cylinder is made as a sport one but provides a true “low speed excitement”. That doesn’t prevent the brand from bringing its own qualities: Italian style, refined engineering and incomparable performances.

Ducati XDiavel will procure all the necessary comfort and long riding excitement with the adrenaline rush of sports riding. That’s what the X in XDiavel stands for: the merging of two separate worlds on one bike where both are accomplished without compromise.

Unquestionable qualities

The impressive Ducati XDiavel owns both remarkable and high-performance equipment. The 1261 cc twin-cylinder engine can achieve 5.000 rpm, what represents extremely low revs for a Ducati but perfect for a Cruiser. It also has 156 hp, which does not make it less exciting.

To achieve such a prowess, Ducati used a Testastretta engine entirely improved to create the Ducati Testastretta DVT 1262. The result is a fluid torque at low revs that also ensures sports bike performances at full throttle. As for the comfort, Ducati XDiavel offers 60 different ergonomic configurations. So you can choose between 4 different footrest positions, but also 5 different seats or passenger seat and 3 different handlebars.

Concerning the sports qualities, once again the Ducati Xdaviel ensures a maximum of security and you will feel the thrill of a sport bike, only if you want to push it to the limit. Frame, suspension, brakes…everything is made to ensure sports performances without altering comfort and easy handling. Add to these qualities a silent motorisation, cleanliness and reduced maintenance.

Ducati XDiavel design is all so amazing with its Full LED light assemblies, its black mat colour and its eye-catching alloy wheels. The bike is also equipped with the DRL Technology (Daytime Running Light) at the front and the impeccable finishing gives it an superb and stylish appearance.

Ducati XDiavel is also available in S version with glossy black.

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Discover Ducati XDiavel and XDiavel S

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