T12 Massimo: Tamburini’s dream has finally become true for passionate great pleasure.

Massimo Tamburini has definitely left his imprint in the motorcycle world. Dedicated to cylinders, he shone with its devotion and keeps writing his own history thanks to its last project: T12 Massimo.

All life dreams

Massimo Tamburini already worked in motorcycle industry when he retired for three years at the end of his contract. As he could not work for any concurrent, this motorcycle lover has imagined a last project: the purest, more stylized and advanced sport bike in the world. Then was born the T12 Massimo.

To realise this dream, Massimo called the best technicians and introduced them his T12 Massimo project, the lightest and most compact bike ever. Starting with a BMWS1000RR engine with 230hp, Massimo and his team will work more than 12 hours a day to create this unique model, using the latest technologies available. The challenge was to adapt the bike flexibility to the frame rigidity, while imagining a design never seen on the market.

After his death, it is his son Andrea who continued this project and put all his heart in his father’s last dream, introducing a staggering T12 Massimo.

T12 Massimo: the most extreme bike

Then comes T12 Massimo, an ultra-light race-track-only sport bike. Flamboyant, with indisputable style, it reveals a dry weight just above 150 kilos. In every steps of its conception, the team used the most evolved processes and most powerful components for its assembly.

T12 Massimo’s chassis is made with high tensile steel alloy, impeccably welded. The frame also has Tamburini patented system that allows to modulate and adjust the rigidity without changing any element of the bike. As for the engine, it is perfectly integrated to the chassis, duly clamped at the rear by plates cast in magnesium.

Each component in T12 Massimo is made with aluminium or carbon fibre that brings an unparalleled style and a total resistance. The air box, ventilation ducts, the structure of the tank…all is made with carbon fibre that provides to the bike a gain of weight. This choice of materials helped to create the lightest and most compact sport bike in the world.

Each T12 Massimo’s element has been carefully selected by the best manufacturers in the motorcycle world, such as rear and front suspensions, shock absorber, brake system but also rotors and calipers. As for the electronics, it was realised with technologies from aerospace industry.

Even if no T12 Massimo will be street-homologated, you can offer yourself one of this jewel to have fun on circuit…only if you are ready to spend almost $300 000 to play with it!

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