Praëm SP3: the most completed Honda VTR 1000 RC51 SP2 Grand Tourer of its generation

Praëm is a fresh new brand born in 2014 that aims to resurrect mythical models and to create hand-crafted machines. Everything starts with a Honda VTR 1000 RC51 SP2, a well born cylinder that already has many qualities.

Significant improvements

Praëm SP3’s goal is to correct the original model’s weaknesses, striving to perfection while preserving the basic machine. And it is perfectly achieved with the many components that were carefully rebuilt by the team of experts.

Praëm SP3 was assembled with the best components that you could find on the market as the ultra-light carbon-wheels, radial brakes with carbon-ceramic discs or the best suspensions, everything in a unique Full Black delivery.

It corresponds to Grand Tourer’s criteria, as Praëm SP3 is both easy to handle and powerful. Each surface was carefully treated and leads to a stunning look. The whole body is black, with aerodynamics components made with noble materials as brushed aluminium, stainless steel or Alcantara.

Among the other basic model’s weaknesses, Praëm SP3 doesn’t show anymore problems concerning overheating, the brakes or the suspensions that are now impeccable. Praëm has also varied the density of the wires, so fresh air can go through in the ram air at the front, and hot air can be extracted from the lateral cooling system.

Cherry on the cake, Praëm SP3 joined the chronograph brand Tag Heuer and has integrated a Monaco Calibre 11 on the tank, a watch that the pilot can also wear anytime. Concerning the engine, there again many remarkable improvements have been made.

A cylinder worthy of the greatest circuits

If Praëm SP3 high level of quality required almost 4000 hours of labour it is surely because the engine isn’t an exception at this level of improvements. Indeed, even with a machine rebuilt and tuned, constructors expect 165hp and 125 Nm of torque thanks to a 90° V-Twin engine and 1000cc.

Praëms SP3’s dry weight is 180 kg and the tank can contain 12L, great results for high performances.

Praëm SP3 will be sold on February the 4th 2016 at Paris Grand Palais, an auction organized by Bonhams.

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