Omega by SBAY Motor Company

Custom motorcycle manufacturer SBAY Motor Company stands on pretty straightforward principles – giving the rider a unique experience is one of them. Their third product is the Omega, a two-wheeled profoundness which pushes the boundaries of conventional motorcycle design with its unorthodox approach.

The exotic Omega

SBAY Motor Company is a Spanish tailor-made motorcycles factory. On their line of four models they have a sculptural café racer, the Flying,  two more “traditional” (if that is a word that fits with SBAY motorbikes) cruisers Jerry and Dragster, and one of the most exotic super sports bikes on the market that we cover in this article, the Omega.

The Omega is an outstanding set of exceptional dynamic features.

SBAY Motor Company ignored the conventionals to create a machine that did not have to follow the established rules and launched an exclusive bike that leaves aside what is “normal” to focus on what matters most, the road.

The Omega brakes the custom dogmas to remain faithful to SBAY Motor Company principles, giving the rider a unique experience.

Never before a Harley Davison engine had been wrapped in such a radical omega type frame, with a carbon fiber monocoque bodywork, the absence of a “traditional” fork replaced by a hub center steering swing arm.

The Harley-Davidson Revolution V-Twin liquid cooled engine displaces 76 cubic inches (1247cc) and is good for 125 hp of power.

As every SBAY creation, the Omega is made to measure for each customer after a weekend spent testing in the stunning Ascari Club in Ronda and the beautifu Andalucia road. This radical motorcycle retails for 48 000 €.

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© Photos by Carlo De Cara

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