Avinton Motorcycles: Wild Fast Bikes

The Avinton concept was imagined by true mechanical enthusiast Cédric Klein. In 2011, he decided to make the dream come true when he launched a range of aggressive but irresistibly appealing motorcycles. Two years later, the bet is more than successful and the collection of fast bikes offered by Avinton Mortocycles has all the strengths needed to convince the most demanding pilots.

Avinton Motorcycles now has a gorgeous line-up of motorcycles all identifiable from first glance thanks to their unique character. The three basic models ‘Roadster’, ‘GT’ and ‘Race’ have been developed in six trim levels ‘Collector’, ‘Vintage’, ‘Deluxe’, ‘Grand Sport’, ‘Super Snake’ and ‘Cult’. Highly customized, every one of these motorcycles is unique and made for its future owner.

More than elegant, these motorcycles have a soul and are true design and mechanical masterpieces. The reason is they are all developed and made by hand by a human-sized industry gathering 5 experienced craftsmen. Avinton Motorcycles endeavours to develop its passion by prioritizing proximity with clients.

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