Confederate P51 Combat Fighter motorcycle: the American revolt is under way

Confederate Motorcycle presents the Confederate P51 Combat Fighter  in a limited edition, a surprising and muscular motorcycle. Representative of the rebel spirit, it embodies the will to say no, no to dishonesty, to corruption, to what is established and to stasis. A new model of power and revolt comes up to the two-wheeled.

The American rebellion

Directly inspired by the 1960’s rebel, the Confederate P51 Combat Fighter brakes the two-wheeled codes and stands between beauty and brutality.

The Confederate P51 Combat Fighter reveals a lighter and brighter architecture for which no expense was spared. Its impressive and muscular design is made of huge billet blocs machined and masterfully welded to create the incredible bridge that connects the induction system to the swing arm pivot.

The Confederate P51 Combat Fighter overbuilt machine fuselage plates are offering a monocoque that is more severe but also more fatigue-resistant and with a lighter chassis. Truly revolutionary, its pace is declined in two colours, blonde or black to satisfy all the anti-hero’s tastes.

The absolute power

Beyond the Confederate P51 Combat Fighter severe pace and impressive body is hiding a powerful engine ready to roar on the most recalcitrant roads.

Indeed, the Confederate P51 Combat Fighter’s 6061 billets aluminium are protecting a V-Twin air-cooled engine lighter and more resistant. With a drag racing powertrain and powertrain mounting system, the motorcycle will bring you off the beaten tracks at astonishing speeds with its 200 horsepower.

Developed via 5 axis machining technology, the Confederate P51 Combat Fighter shows unique characteristics as for an example the intake box that ties directly to a CNC downdraft intake manifold. Each of its billets has been optimised to offer a structural integrity and a minimized un-sprung weight.

To have the pleasure of containing such a huge form of power in your right hand, you would have to pay between $113.900 and $119.500. So let the rebel in you out and choose one of the 61 special editions of the Confederate P51 Combat Fighter.

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