The Confederate X132 Hellcat, for an indescribable sensation

The Confederate X132 Hellcat, whose finale version was revealed in December, 2011, is the fastest V-Twin of the world. Something unheard of! Limited to 36 copies, this jewel of the Birmingham (Alabama) company joins in a generation of motorcycles that realize masterstrokes.

A motorcycle of exception

The Confederate X132 Hellcat is the result of an avant-gardist design melted to anarchitecture of racing engineering.
The heart of X132 is a bicylinder V of 2163 cm3, placed in a block of aluminum and developing 132 hp. Thanks to these major components, the machine can reach a speed of 277 km per hour, which a record for a motorcycle.
The 260 kg of the Hellcat are slowed down and brought under control by Beringer stirrups in the front and Brembo’s in the back.

A rhythm of cruise

The Confederate aims to make two X132 a week, for a total production of 160 units a year.
Introduced as the the less expensive product of the brand history, the launching price of the astonishing X132 was predetermined all the same to $72000.

Treat yourself with moments of intense happiness and allow yourself to be blown by a sensational ride!
Bit extra, you will be able to customize your engine: the etch of your name on the reservoir.

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