Taohuayuan House: change your mind while choosing “utopia”, China’s most expensive estate

Here is a new dreamed property but this one isn’t located in United States or Europe for once, but at the East. The estate is called Taohuayuan House and has just been listed as China’s most expensive.

Well-being and feng-shui

Mist-covered ponds and wooden bridges border this typically Chinese property, located in the middle of Suzhou’s Dushu lake, on a private island. Thanks to its localisation, Taohuayuan House becomes really popular and is now the most expensive home in China, sold at 1 billion yuan (almost 154 millions of dollars).

If Taohuayuan House and is localisation are so popular, it is because the house was built in line with the laws of feng-shui. Bordered with canals, lush gardens and bridges, the house inspires from Suzhou town and its typical garden, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Built on a 1.6 acres ground, Taohuayuan House residence is aptly named because it means “utopia” in Mandarin.

Chinese traditions and immensity

It took over three years to build Taohuayuan House, that now represents over 72 400 square-foot residence with no less than 32 bedrooms and 32 bathrooms. Inside, all rooms have been oriented south, to catch the maximum of natural light with picturesque views of Dushu’s lake.

Classical typical Chinese furniture have been set inside the Taohuayuan House, but also true artworks and also a huge walk-in cellar, and of course an infinity-edge pool overhanging the lake and the garden.

Outside Taohuayuan House, you can also enjoy its craggy rocks, typical flora and even a true waterfall. The very essence of Asian gardens were developed by the craftsmen who built the house and outdoors, as water represents light and communication.

Many foreign buyers have already expressed their interest in Taohuayuan House and seemed ready to succumb to its unparalleled charm, even with such an elevated price.

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