Ferrari finally introduces its last model and its looks like no other: the 812 Superfast

Everything stands in its name! Indeed, last Ferrari’s production car, Ferrari 812 Superfast is now the most powerful and effective ever. Its total reinterpretation of the legendary V12 allows the new Superfast to break records.

 Pushing the boundaries, ever and ever!

Ferrari’s biggest opponent is Ferrari itself! Indeed, the prestigious Italian brand only has one goal: always pushing its own boundaries concerning the creation of new cars. And this time Ferrari 812 Superfast keeps all its promises in terms of power.

Created either for road or track, Ferrari 812 Superfast corresponds to all drivers. Its front V12 engine is totally new, even if its reminds F12Belinetta’s engine from 1947. Then, driving is more thrilling, more stimulating but still safe and comfortable.

The perfect aerodynamic allied to the improved V12 engine allow the Ferrari 812 Superfast to considerably increase its performances. Its sharp lines and increased power (60ch more than the first model) allow to free a total of 800ch, what gives to this last car the title of “Ferrari’s fastest road going car”.

So Ferrari 812 Superfast is equipped with front engine and rear transmission, but also with high-end components that improve the sport car’s dynamism. Extremely manoeuvrable and fluid, it is equipped with unique technologies such as “Stop&Start on the move”, and appears to be more economic in terms of fuel consumption and perfectly consistent with the last standards in terms of polluting emissions. But you can be sure that all these improvement don’t alter the inimitable sound of the exhaust.

Style, comfort and safety

If Ferrari 812 Superfast’s acceleration has no equivalent, it is particularly thanks to its transmission equipped with fastest gears and higher speed. But with such speed, Ferrari’s developers had to imagine safety systems like the first Ferrari EPS system. You can also find a new Ferrari Peak Performance system that warns the driver when the car is close to its adherence limit, and the Oversteer Power system that realigns the car during roadway curve. Finally, new “Brembo Extreme Design” braking system is the more effective ever created by the brand.

Concerning Ferrari 812 Superfast design, this one appears to be sharper without altering comfort or space. Its “fastback” line reveals an elevated tail and more aggressive wing that perfectly complete the three-dimensional flanks.

Inside, Ferrari 812 Superfast’s cockpit was entirely redesigned too, and now reveals a truly sport character thanks to the horizontal dashboard that encircles air intakes, still with a sophisticated allure. Everything there seems to be oriented towards the driver, without forgetting the passenger.

Finally, Ferrari 812 Superfast is fully customisable with new options such as evolved telemetric system and high-end audio system. It is delivered with a 7-years maintenance program that understands all current maintenance operations all over the world. That should let you enjoy your supercar for year without any worry!

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