Ferrari dazzles Japan introducing one of the ten unique copies of the Ferrari J50

Ferrari J50 has been revealed at last Tokyo Motorshow to celebrate the anniversary of the Italian brand in Japan. This incredibly futuristic model reuses older Ferraris codes back in the 70’s / 80’s and renew the Targa style.

Back to the future

It is hard to describe new Ferrari J50: is it incredibly innovative or subtly vintage? Let’s say that it is both! It really takes us back to basics in a fashion way and so appears to be truly futuristic. Then this new Targa-style two-seater cabriolet is equipped with a rear midmounted engine based on 488 Spider: the same 690hp V8 3.9L that has been elected “International engine of the year” in 2016.

As with all recent Ferrari models, Ferrari J50 adapts to the customer’s specific needs and reveals an aggressive and sporty look that supercar lovers appreciate. But the car’s appearance is particular because it is now incredibly lower, while keeping all the car’s agility and light like every Ferrari car. Then the flanks answer to a new dynamic thanks to the convergence of two lines: the lateral windows inclined edge and the black rising line.

Ferrari J50’s windows are designed with a “helmet visor” effect and are now more curved like former barchettas from the 50’s. On the contrary, the black separating line is truly representative of the new models.

Then, Ferrari J50’s bonnet is lower at the middle and brings the supercar this muscular aspect, while the new carbon fibre air inlets reduce the front block that is now enhanced by new LED lights.

Three dimensional elements

Ferrari J50’s aerodynamic was entirely reconsidered to let the car benefit from new functionalities. Then the radiators are close together and the front bumper has a new three-dimensional design.

The translucent cover of Ferrari J50’s engine allow a new visual interpretation of its components and two new anti-roll hoops protect the passenger’s heads. At the back of the car, the silhouette’s aggressiveness stands in the four lights that now enlarge the aisle profile and the rear diffuser is inspired by jet engines. Ferrari J50 also possesses new 20-inches forged wheels specially created for this new supercar.

Then Ferrari J50’s cockpit is equipped with new fittings on the sport seats and so a unique signature. The Targa roof made with carbon fibre is split in two pieces that perfectly disappear at the back of the seats, designed in a unique colour. Discover this exclusive model that only by 10 lucky drivers in the world will possess!

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