Ferrari LaFerrari Spider: first pictures and characteristics have finally been revealed!

Ferrari just revealed the first photos of future Ferrari LaFerrari Spider, a drop-top version of its sublime coupe. Rumours about this version were circulating since 2014 and now become clearer, even if the final version will only be revealed in October at Paris Motor Show.

Special limited series

Ferrari LaFerrari Spider will only be sold in special limited edition, and the rumour tells that there will only be 70 cars available. However, one thing has been confirmed by the brand, the order book is already full, and the other supercar lovers will have few chances to possess one of their own.

Ferrari LaFerrari Spider should be produced at the beginning of 2017 and its price, as for LaFerrari coupe, should exceed the million of euros. This special edition is exclusively dedicated to collectors who wish to enjoy a powerful supercar with the wind in their hairs.

First characteristics

Ferrari only revealed few clues about Ferrari LaFerrari Spider, but already confirms that two versions will be available with a carbon fibre “hard top” or a canvas “soft top”, both reducing weight and letting more space to the rear engine.

Concerning motorisation, Ferrari LaFerrari Spider will also be an hybrid with the same thermal V12 engine as LaFerrari, revealing 789 hp, added to a 161hp electric motor, that represent a total of 950 hp, and a top speed of 350km/h, or a 0 to 60mph in less than 3 seconds.

Then the prancing horse brand confirmed that Ferrari LaFerrari Spider carbon fibre chassis has been significantly improved, especially to allow the coupe to stay rigid and flexible with this drop-top version. Then aerodynamics were also modified to warranty optimum resistance while the roof is open.

So you would have to wait until fall to definitely discover all the new hybrid specifications, but also its exact price and the number of available vehicles.

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