Quintessenza SE : the 100% electric revival of the Porsche 911

Located in the Netherlands, Voiture Extravert made some noise by unveiling an updated version of the mythical Porsche 911… With its seductive and highly faithful silhouette, the Quintessenza SE exchanged its Flat-6 for an 100% electric engine. It masterfully combines nostalgia and ecofriendliness !

An updated legend of yesteryear

To take in its electric motorization, the Quintenssenza SE had to update or completely replace some of its components. Among others : a customizable suspension system, a modernized brake and steering and, obviously, its 100% electric engine.

As it enjoys a 58 kWh battery, the e-911’s engine keeps the exact same performances as the original. Moreover, for a better integration in its motor compartment, its electric groupe is reminiscent of the Flat-6’s looks. Like the sixties sport car, the Quintessenza SE reaches the 100 km/h mark under six seconds, dashes at a maximum of 180 km/h and has a power of 225 hp. Autonomy-wise, the vehicle can travel 400 km in one go. With the help of a quick charger, it can even fill up in less than one hour (100 km every 15 minutes).

The Quintessenza SE : a faithful and copycat of the Porsche 911

Besides its round shaped meters being adapted for the electric engine, the vehicle shines through its extreme faithfulness to the Porsche 911. Note, nevertheless, that the Quintessenza SE exists in two bodyworks. The first one reproduces the classic 911 from the sixties and the seventies. The second one, in contrast, is a carbon-copy of the eighties’ “Caisse G”.

As we wait for an official registration, the superb Quintessenza SE is available starting 299 990 €.

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