Jaguar achieves its most powerful production car with the new F-TYPE SVR

Jaguar has also waited for Geneva Motor Show to reveal the coupe and convertible versions of the new Jaguar F-TYPE SVR. It is now the most powerful production model designed for an every-day driving that follows the F-TYPE R.

Light, fast and powerful

Jaguar has revised many components from the previous model to achieve this powerful Jaguar F-TYPE SVR. Among others, the car now reveals a new chassis, new drivetrain and new aerodynamic components.

As for the engine, you will find no equivalent to the last level of the Jaguar F-TYPE SVR V8 5L. It now develops 575hp and 700 Nm, and can achieve 0-100Km/h in only 3,7 seconds. Concerning the top-speed, the coupe can achieve 322km/h, and the convertible 314 km/h.

To let you live the ultimate sporty experience, the Jaguar F-TYPE SVR presents a new exhaust system that let you hear more distinctive sounds even at low-speeds. Again, to improve the sportiness of the car, they also integrated a new 8-speed Quickshift gearbox to improve the engine’s power response, and larger wheels for unequalled experience while starting the car. All of that was designed without compromising the car’s consumption and C02 emission.

Comfort and style everyday

The engine improvement, drivetrain and chassis on the new Jaguar F-TYPE SVR reinforce its dynamism and agility, while preserving the F-TYPE comfort for an every-day drive.

The Jaguar F-TYPE SVR‘s design answers to performance criteria while reducing drag and lift, particularly with the new rear spoiler and a larger front shield. While selecting the “Normal” mode, the spoiler is deploying when the Jaguar F-TYPE SVR passes the 96km/h or 110km/h depending on the model of the car, coupe or convertible or when the “dynamic” mode is selected, what makes the car more efficient.

The cabin responds to refinement criteria and a reveals a lot of technologies that makes the Jaguar F-TYPE SVR more desirable, such as the new SVR Performance seats and the leathered dashboard. Inside the vehicle, we can find again Jaguar’s infotainment system InControl Touch and InControl Touch Plus and two 8“ screens with 3D maps, but also the surveillance system InControl Secure, and emergency call system InControl Protect. A major innovation includes an AppleWatch app that allow you to close the doors, watch the gas level, mileage or find your Jaguar F-TYPE SVR on a map.

The new Jaguar F-TYPE SVR coupe will be sold at $125.950 and the convertible model at $128.800.

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Discover the Jaguar F-TYPE SVR

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