Lotus Evora Sport 410: most advanced supercar from the British brand is ready to face the roads

After long hours of reflexion, preparation and transformations, Lotus Evora Sport 410 is finally ready to honour its first deliveries. It appears to be a stunning carbon-fibre supercar with a true gain of weight, power, and of course everything that made Lotus cars’ success.

Most accomplished Lotus at that day

After hours of development, Lotus Evora Sport 410 is the most accomplished car at that day from the British brand. Imagined as a track-going and road-going car, each of its aspect has been carefully reconsidered, from nose to tail, beginning with its carbon-fibre body.

Among the numerous improvements on Lotus Evora Sport 410 you can find better aerodynamic configuration that improve the driveability of the car and high-speed stability. And these improvements were necessary to handle this powerful beast, able to reach 0 to 100km/h in only 3.9 seconds.

Lotus’ designers have join forces to design this almost perfect version of Lotus Evora Sport 410 and bring together most advanced technologies in terms of lightweight, aerodynamic optimisation, vehicle dynamics and powertrain development. That is why the vehicle can be considered as the most advanced supercar and the lightest vehicle from Lotus.

More than just improvements

Lotus Evora Sport 410 doesn’t just present some improvements, but it is definitely an evolved car as a whole. Beside its cut in weight, by more than 70kg, Lotus designer not only add some carbon fibre components here and there, but they redefined and redesigned all elements of the car’s silhouette. Then it concerns front splitters, front access panel, roof section, tailgate, rear quarter panels, and rear diffuser. Without forgetting two race-derived carbon sport seats.

With a more aggressive acceleration, Lotus Evora Sport 410 appears to be more intuitive, thanks to a lower centre of gravity and the recalibration of the suspension. The great innovation of this model stands in the one-piece carbon tailgate, that represents all the car’s lineage, bringing a wilder and sleeker profile. Then with all these components, the stability of the car is ensured at high-speed and the car can join the very prised group of vehicles that can exceed 300km/h.

Under Lotus Evora Sport 410’s bonnet, you will find a more powerful version of the supercharged, 3.5-litre 6-cylinder unit equipped with a water-to-air charge cooler that was tested on the famous Nürburgring Nodschleife circuit for hours. Then, Lotus Evora Sport 410 offers to the driver a better response and unparalleled traction.

An exceptional standard version

The standard version of Lotus Evora Sport 410 is equipped with a six-speed manual transmission but technologies lovers can also choose the automatic version that was optimised for ultra-fast changes. Whatever your choice will be, the transmission ensures a better traction and a better response in cornering.

The supercar also comes with the Lotus’ Dynamic Performance Management, that allows the driver of Lotus Evora Sport 410 to choose between two drive modes: Sport or Race, thanks to a single button placed on the dashboard.

Uniquely available in a 2+0 version, Lotus Evora Sport 410 is automatically delivered with Alcantara sport seats as standard, as well as the steering wheel and also a lower dashboard and central console. A touchscreen can be added with Ipod connectivity and Bluetooth.

Then, even if the cabin already has all refined components that Lotus has ever imagined, you can personalise your Lotus Evora Sport 410, and choose between traditional and elegant British elements or modern components. Inside, the cars include one-piece door trim panels in Alcantara with contrast stitching, and the deletion of door arm rests and stowage pockets, as well as fuel filler release button and the removal of speakers (unless you demand to have some).

Lotus Evora Sport 410 first deliveries are ready for Europe and the whole world but limited to 150 vehicles / year. The car costs 108.500€ in Germany.

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