Lotus introduces an anniversary edition of its Lotus Evora 400, tribute to Hethel

For the 50th anniversary of its factory located in Hethel, England, Lotus revealed the first information and photos of its Hethel Edition Evora 400 limited edition. A bespoke and more stylized version of the Evora 400.

Lotus Evora 400

Lotus Evora 400 was already a significant model for this generation. 42 kg lighter than its grand sister, its mid-mounted 3.5L V6 engine can achieve exceptional prowess. Indeed Lotus Evora 400 can achieve 0 to 100 km/h in only 4.2 seconds and reaches a top-speed of 300 Km/h, capacities repeated in the Hethel Edition Evora 400.

As in the Lotus Evora 400, the Hethel Edition Evora 400 has 400hp and revealed revised performances thanks to its aluminium chassis but also a better airflow management and improved aerodynamics with a new rear diffuser, rear wing and bodywork.

Inside, Hethel Edition Evora 400 has a new air-conditioning system and infotainment system with satellite navigation, alike the Evora 400, but also larger spaces for passengers, larger seats and easier access thanks to a wider door aperture. Then, automatic transmission allows to choose between two different modes “Sport” or “Race”. So, the Hethel Edition Evora 400 is distinctive by the large choice of colour schemes and the fact that buyer can largely personalize this new car.

What’s new in the Hethel Edition Evora 400

So the Hethel Edition Evora 400 is as powerful as the previous model, but is distinctive with its look and personalisation options. Buyers can actually choose between three colours, representative of Lotus’ factory: Essex Blue, Motorsport Black and Racing Green. Then for the interior, the owner can choose between red or black leather finish or Alcantara, depending on bodywork colour.

New sport and race car, Hethel Edition Evora 400 reveals new aluminium wheels, contrasting brake calipers and graphic line that procure to this supercar a truly unique look. It reveals a high degree of customisation and what Lotus does best: mixing traditional British craftsmanship with modern design.

If you are seduced by Hethel Edition Evora 400’s distinctive look, you can become one of this limited edition’s lucky owners, for more than 100 000euros.

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