Mercedes G-Class cabriolet “Final Edition 200”

The 4×4 Mercedes G-Class Cabriolet “Final Edition” is an opportunity for the German firm to make a farewell to the G-Class convertible version. In fact, before the definitive suspension of the convertible version, Mercedes will produce 200 units of this unique and exclusive model.

The “final edition 200” model is a G-Class that involves an external black metallic finishing, an upholstery with a beige leather interior with a matching top.
This G-Class cabriolet combines perfection with power and off-road abilities; it is sculpted to be driven on a rough terrain without losing the outstanding comfort and the high-end functionalities this engine offers.

The Mercedes G-Class cabriolet Final Edition 200 is made to stand out

Some experts have defined the 4×4 Mercedes G-Class as magnificent and indestructible, following the path of the Land Rover Defender or even the Jeep Wrangler. This is what characterizes its longevity knowing that Mercedes launched 30 years ago, keeping the very same values.

With suggesting a cabriolet version “Final Edition 200”, Mercedes makes a hit in the off-road range, the Mercedes G-Class is the undisputed leader; the “Final Edition 200” version is tailored for the G-Class cabriolet lovers.
The convertible “Final Edition 200” has got some unique features, upgrades in mechanics and technology, approved sturdiness that forge this 4×4 reputation, not to mention luxury and comfort. In the city, on the road or off-road, the G-Class is limitless and its “Final Edition 200” version is unique.

The 4×4 G-Class Mercedes “Final Edition 200” to end the set

It has travelled time without undergoing the effects. The G-Class “Final Edition 200” displays an exterior design that will make you travel within different modes. No doubt it is the king of the 4×4 limited series. Its luxurious interior is made of refined and exclusive materials, upscale high-tech and handmade finishing. The V8 engine of 5.5 litres is a fighter in urban and off-road grounds.

One of the particularities of the G-Class “Final Edition 200” and the G-Class in general is holding extremely sharp quality standards, handmade frame, made out of a steel sheet and welded in more than 6400 spots. This specificity makes the vehicle of a high accuracy and outstanding longevity.

The Mercedes G-Class cabriolet final edition 200 is an exception that feeds G-Class’s myth and legend.

G Class Carbiolet
interieur final edition
Class G cabriolet Mercedes
interieur Final Edition 200 Mercedes

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