Rolls Royce brings luxury to another level through new Phantom VIII

Rolls Royce has decided to prove that concerning luxury cars, nobody can equal its lasts models and particularly the new Phantom VIII. If there is a supercar specially built for powerful men and women it could only be the model we will introduce now…

A century of power

Since 1925 Rolls Royce Phantom cars are the ones men and women of influence love the most, and the brand has decided to follow this tradition with its eighth model. Determined to go further in terms of luxury and power, new Phantom surprises us but never deceives us.

So Rolls Royce Phantom VIII is truly contemporary and is architecture is totally new. And the brand’s designers now want to forget the usual monocoque chassis, and have chosen this new body type. This new architecture appears to be 30% strongest than the last Phantom but is also more quiet for more comfortable rides. The goal with that car was to use the brand’s classics and to bring them further. Lighter and stronger, the new aluminium structure also brings unparalleled performances to the new model.

nRolls Royce Phatom VIII has been equipped with new technologies like 6mm glacis and 130kg acoustic isolating that allow travelling quietly with total fluidity as if you were on a flying carpet. The flagpole that is equipped with a stereo camera allowing the driver to clearly visualize the road controlling new suspensions. Finally, Rolls Royce Phantom VIII becomes a true haven of peace.

The ultimate V12

Alike the last models, Rolls Royce Phantom VIII is equipped with a 6.5L V12 that was improved for this new car. This time it has been studied to transform the new model into the most silent car in the world. The engine develops 563hp or 420W of power, in case of a ceremony or just a powerful ride.

The V12 is even more effective that the car is equipped with a satellite four-wheel drive and an eight-speed ZF transmission. Concerning technologies, the driver is assisted in each situation thanks to useful last equipment: vigilance assistant, 4 panoramic cameras, 360° helicopter view, night vision and visibility assistant, active speed regulator, collision monitor, pedestrian monitor, blind spot assistant, lane changing and crossing assistant, 7×3 head high screen, WiFi hotspot and of course the very last navigations and entertainment systems.

The most luxurious cockpit in the world

Once inside Rolls Royce Phantom VIII you will live an ultimate luxury experience once again. It is what the brand calls the “Embrace”. Then getting in a Rolls Royce becomes a true event.

The main issue for designers was to keep olls Royce Phantom VIII’s cockpit quiet. Then the touching experience is absolutely stunning thanks to glossy wooden panels mixed with some exquisite and finest materials.

To create an airy and functional cockpit, the pic-nic tables and passengers’ screens have been hidden behind retractable wooden panels that can be lowered with a simple button and all the commands are made with steel. The seats in olls Royce Phantom VIIIhave been hand-sculpted and can be chosen in different forms and sizes, beginning with comfortable lounge seats. Finally, a special bar case has been integrated with whisky and decanter, as well as champagne glasses and cooler.

Finally, the new dashboard is also a brand new concept specially developed for olls Royce Phantom VIII that is now called “The Gallery”. Under tempered glass you will find the chromed numeric controls and a colour LED TFT 12,3“ screen that brings the driver unparalleled visibility. There is also many bespoke elements that can be ordered in silk, leather, metal or wood…then every man of power will totally fall in love with this new model, like with every models this past century!

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Discover new Rolls Royce Phantom VIII

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