The New Cayman: Porsche even down the valves

Porsche is more than a simple car brand, Porsche is a promise. It is not only the promise of a driving pleasure but also of an unmatched quality. By comparison to its predecessor, the special Porsche curve was reworked for the new Cayman. The new Cayman now seems more dynamic and more aggressive notably through its impressive power retractable spoiler.

The passenger compartment achieves an irreproachable finish, as is the custom with the German manufacturer. Porsche has shown great ingenuity about the system management and on-board computer. Unlike many car manufacturers who, over the past few years, have found it trendy to give controls a central layout, Porsche bets on a classical configuration where every function has its own control in order to enhance effectiveness.

There is nothing revolutionary about the engine since it is the same 3.4-liter flat-six engine which has already been used for the Cayman S. This motorisation system now produces 325 hp to 7,400 rpm and is complemented with a PDK dual-clutch transmission. The Porsche Cayman is a real rocket with a complete driver assistance system… We will definitely talk a lot about this new Cayman.

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