Vorsteiner transforms McLaren’s « baby » into an aggressive supercar called McLaren 570-VX

Vorsteiner is a California-based tuning company. This year, the firm revealed its new project at the prestigious SEMA Show 2016 in Las Vegas: the McLaren 570-VX, directly derived from McLaren 570S and 570GT.

The kitten becomes a lion

If these supercars can be considered as McLaren’s “babies”, Vorsteiner succeeded in transforming them into fierce predators with the McLaren 570-VX. And you can notice the evolution with its aerodynamic elements or its more aggressive look.

So we can start and detail the new front bumpers placed on McLaren 570-VX, with their carbon fibre splitters and carbon fibre adjusted air intakes, that increase downforce and improve the airflow through the car.

On its sides, McLaren 570-VX is equipped with Vorsteiner custom forged wheels, offered with a large range of bespoke alloy wheels. You can also appreciate new carbon elements such as side splitters. But what is the most impressive on the American model remains the rear wing!

Directly inspired from 675LT and P1GTR, McLaren 570-VX is equipped with a striking chassis mounted fixed wing. It stretches on the bumper and the trunk, besides the custom rear diffusers.

Fierce look and prowess

So McLaren 570-VX appears to be resolutely fiercer thanks to its carbon elements as well as its matte grey finish, red callipers and white central lines that reminds us of the fastest sport cars.

Under the bonnet, the engine is the same. Indeed, McLaren 570-VX kept the 3.8Litre twin-turbocharged V8 with 562hp, the same as McLaren 570S. So it is able to slash through 200mph!

No information about the price has been transmitted but if you can buy yourself a McLaren, you can surely contact Vorsteiner to get more information about their tuned vehicles!

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