TheMilliardaire reveals its new website !

Discover an all-new TheMilliardaire ! Our 100% digital magazine has completely changed its aesthetic. To do so, we trusted K Publishing, our historical partner.

The new TheMilliardaire : minimalist and user-friendly

Refined, our website interface highlights more easily our many articles’ high quality visuals. It has a new graphical identity : an elegant and modern combination of black and white. Also, thanks to more visible blocks, the user can better identify our website’s sections. For example, some blocks on the right side of the interface showcase our most recent article, our Instagram feed, “Follow Us” buttons and a ranking of our trends.

It’s easier than ever before to share TheMilliardaire articles on its favorite social media. The “share” buttons of Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are more identifiable. In order to expand our Facebook community, an invitation to like our Facebook page share the header with our logo.

From now on, an article will be highlighted on the main page of TheMilliardaire and its many sections. The time to read will also be enlightened.

“Events” : a brand new section

Very soon, TheMilliardaire will receive a brand new section. Named “Events”, it will be dedicated to unmissable shows, luxurious fairs, exhibitions and prestigious competitions.

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