ArtyA Butterfly Tourbillon: high-flying watch that brings the light to your wrist

Since 2012, ArtyA has imagined a remarkable collection composed of unique and made-to measure pieces: Butterfly watches. The concept consists in integrating to this miniature piece of art true butterfly wings, and to reveal all of their light.

Dreamlike and unique pieces

So each ArtyA Butterfly piece is truly unique, and integrates a pair of lepidoptera wings in its dial. So the colours appear to be really sumptuous and almost unreal and are delicately invited on your wrist, both discrete under the sleeves, and luminous under the light.

And it is the artist Dominique Arpa Cirpka who works on this fabulous ArtyA Butterfly models for years, adding after many years diamond cases and gold leaf inserts near the butterfly wings. Then each watch can be coloured in blue, green, orange or black, all of them largely enhanced by gold leaf’s glow, obvious complementarity.

Then each ArtyA Butterfly piece reveals its own reflects, in a constant evolution, true living piece. Always with the purpose to create unique watches, you can choose your own model while choosing the type of case and the hands.

ArtyA Butterfly Tourbillon: the masterpiece

So the common point between each AryA Butterfly piece stands in the hands on which you can find a big “A” that ornate the dial and in the cases that vary from 38 to 47mm. In each piece, a thin ArtyOr plate had been inserted to enhance the golden tones of the watch. Each of them has a three-hands Swiss Made calibre and a hand-stitched strap, both authentic and discrete.

But ArtyA masterpiece is still the fabulous ArtyA Butterfly Tourbillon, a unique and recent piece that has its own flying tourbillon movement, specially designed for this model by ArtyA.

ArtyA Butterfly Tourbillon has a diamond-set case representing up to 10 karats. It could accommodate 130 diamonds and all of that on the same wrist, giving back to the butterflys all their splendour.

Si you can discover absolutely breathtaking and stunning creations, that only ArtyA keeps the secret!

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Discover ArtyA Butterfly Tourbillon

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